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Ancillary spaces:


Studio A2

Technical information

approx. 350 m2

6,2 m

15,4 x 20,6 m

1x 400A & 10x 63A


Control room, dressing rooms, foyer, lounge, production truck space

Movable black molton circles the space

Studio A2 located in historic Arabia of Helsinki, offers versatile and adaptable space for commercials, TV productions, and various events from evening parties to virtual events.


350 m2 studio hall and almost 300 m2 of ancillary space with excellent transportation connections near the center of Helsinki are for you.

Studio space.

Event space.

Your space.

Arabiankatu 2

00560 Helsinki


050 535 8855

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In addition to booking space, request a quote for audio, light, and video technology to suit your needs. Technical solutions can be designed together, or they can be delivered on a turnkey basis.

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